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Journey to Kalinchowk

Published on Apr 02, 2020
Kalinchowk, a perfect destination for a short trek. Fresh Air and Mountain view makes the hiking to the Kalinchowk like traveling to heaven.

Moving to the United Arab Emirates

Published on Jan 20, 2022
Every journey has its own story, my journey to UAE begin with dreams and fear. life is all about connecting dots in between connected dots we grow up. sometimes gap between dots are small and some time gap is huge. this was that huge gap in my life to connect dream and to rewrite definition of fear.

Fourteen Street floks

Published on Nov 06, 2022
Warm lights hit the frozen fur welcoming dawn in the autumn and a silent breeze to the ear awakes the soul. Bask with the first light, and roll on the back to feel the heat.

Being drunk

Published on Nov 06, 2022
Yeah, it feels awesome. All the high school science classes come to real; Earth does rotate, and gravity is damn strong.