Geomatics Batch 2013

Published on Feb 21, 2022 | Bikesh Bade | 635 Views

Dozens of family name,

blend to a perfect GE assortment,


Starting with Brahmins pretend

Chettri blows the contentment

Then comes the Newari ethos and natural tenor

Lastly the tweak of madeshi refinement

Even the matured act foolish

Youngest seek the attention

A family girl enjoys the best polish

Stronger react the sluggish

Weaker pretend the productive

Reckless eye full of zeal

Political zest of gangster attitude

Weed seals every deal

Lonesome gal with guilty gratitude

Skeleton bounce the greatest

Figure furnish the revolution

A geek pretends the coolest

Helping heart replace swap petition

Powerful man with smallest heart

Sporty childhood carried alongside shy character

Best knowledge with childish fantasy

Fogy nature next to habit of leader

Smiley gusto thru addictive parody

Slim and bold never standalone

Melody world plus victim of altitude

Most studious boy in the midst of cavalier


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