Fourteen Street floks

Published on Nov 06, 2022 | Bikesh Bade | 458 Views

Warm lights hit the frozen fur welcoming dawn in the autumn and a silent breeze to the ear awakes the soul. Bask with the first light, and roll on the back to feel the heat. The beast in the stomach drags the leg to fetch the leftover and all follows the trend. Once hunger lost the battle the fight takes the victory. Some of them are a minute elder and some are a couple of minutes younger.


When the clouds fight, they bathe and search the shade. Still unknown to the world, searching the dead folks to warm the identification. Chase the dirt in the zeal to live another day. Legs are unfamiliar with the road but they never lost because the road is their home. The fourteen souls march the street as if they own the street. Everyone likes them. They are famous for being the speed breaker to the road, time killers to the kids, running buddies for babies, and cute faithful for the older.


Some battle is to be fought alone and some path is to travel alone but the 3 months’ soul is deprived of loneliness, pain, and hateful word. Fighting brothers are all they got and some hand full of food. when suddenly the rotating wheels caught the tiny leg, the pain is unbearable. The pain built-in brain cross the threshold even the crying was sore. It’s the selfish world, the agony is not shared. Poor soul cried as the last air in the world. Still, the fellow superior creature watches the suffering and exchange gossip on the process of the accident rather than helping. It's the will of god to decide the death. The helpless brothers watch the pain with blue hearts.


An hour is stretched so long that the boy can’t stand the pain and his soul fly to the peephole of light. It was a relief to face death and move on. The brothers walk the corpse and tried hard to hide the pain. They are only together for 100 days but the bond is stronger as they are partners in crime, from the warm bed to the cold night, fighting buddies and breathing the same womb. You can’t change the past but you can make adjustments for a better future, that’s what the street taught them. Soon the night hit the horizon and sooner they run the road to live another today


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