Being an engineering student

Published on May 31, 2020 | Bikesh Bade | 1373 Views

So what is it like to be an engineer? Obviously, it’s the dream. But nobody would ask how painful is life to be an engineering student.


Looking back to the entrance to enroll, the mark chose the college. If your mark is highest, you have the power and if the score is low, college humiliates you. Anyhow if you enroll in the college, then the scores don’t matter. After that the torture begins; the nonstop boring lecture sometimes feels like Chinese, the assignment headache just like learning to write a poem without rhyme, exams are always a pain in the ass.


Looking back to the childhood days when the exam is in our favor. Now exam virtually rapes the semester. Being an engineer is a boy with a flying wing locked inside the darkest side of the soul struggling to survive the semester. Days are scary when the exam haunts and dreams are a nightmare. A 3-hour time is like a fight with the devil. Sometimes the word on the question hits so hard that the mind flies out of the syllabus. Sometimes the last five minute awakes the brain which even beats Einstein and some time exam gets so good that we take the answer sheets home with demerits of getting more than expected?


In the end, it's obviously it’s the dream.


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