Moving to the United Arab Emirates

Published on Jan 20, 2022 | Bikesh Bade | 472 Views

Every journey has its own story, my journey to UAE begin with dreams and fear. life is all about connecting dots in between connected dots we grow up. sometimes gap between dots are small- and some-time gap is huge. this was that huge gap in my life to connect dream and to rewrite definition of fear. In between dancing in rain and searching for freedom, I grew up. My dreams are always different sometimes I want to be pilot and sometimes I just want to pass exam or just to sleep 4 year so that I don’t have to study. flying alone was also one of dream from my oceans of ever-growing list of dreams. solo travel, the fear of being alone and thrill to experience unexpected made my trip to UAE.


It’s always hard to break the habit, but change is part of life. To be contine.




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