Journey to Kalinchowk

Published on Apr 02, 2020 | Bikesh Bade | 598 Views

We were Eight friends (Me, Abin, Sumit, Yurosh, Jagadish, Ishwor, Kanchan, Kushal ) who started our journey to one of the most amazing and loving journey of our life. "A TREK TO KALINCHOWK. " I never thought that I will be so lucky to visit this heaven so early. But before that, there were many more to come. 


The journey begins with the stormy sky, a bunch of friends with full of life. It all started with a hectic bus ride, only fun in the ride was flirting the local girls and crazy ride in the bus hood. Fresh air, far away from the city and leaving the engineering pressure behind. The next part was the six-hour trekking. We start walking through the jungle, guessing every path as a short cut as we cut through the dense forest. Tedious trekking made fun with a crazy and cheesy photoshoot. Hungry stomach took every possible excuse to rest as the route was lost and found. After the halfway, luckily found the carrier truck and rush to get in the hood only then legs got peace. The weather was fully against our journey, part of the time is scorching hot sun and part of time pouring hailstorm.

Finally, after seven-hour we got to Kuri, thanks to the truck we still got some energy to climb the hill to feel the beauty of nature. Beautiful blue sky, floating cloud below the hill, and chill cold breeze energies and made the tedious trek worth. Kuri the valley at the top of the hill, most of the locals were sherpa and Gurung. We booked the room, rest for a while. But some of us had the crazy energy even after the long trek so again we began to climb the last hill at sunset. Washing face with Ice cold water dripping from rock and posing for the photo with a heavenly view behind made the climb more fun. Lastly, we reach the century-old steel Bridge and then to the yard of goddesses kali at top of the hill.


The velocity of the air blowing at the top was too high, we couldn't stay long at the top. But as there is quality is more significant than quantity, a couple of minutes at the top was heavenly. Paranomic view of the mountains, clouds floating below the hill and the chanting sound of the bell at goddess Kali, all made every moment more memorable. Returning back to the Kuri was quick as we wanted to jump to the bed. Night at the top of the valley was amazing with hot soup and campfire. Clear dark sky with sparkling stars, cold breeze and gossip full chat with buddies alongside the fire made us more alive.

The next morning began with the climbing again to the top of the hill to witness the mesmerizing sunrise and to worship the goddess Kali. The morning trek was more energetic than in the evening. Some of us just run to the top to feel the beauty of nature at its best and some of us enjoyed the slow trek. The sunrise moment was beautiful and warm. Hill has crowded with foreign tourists and a local vendor selling hot tea. The moment when the sun rose up the hill was heavenly as the hot rays of sun hit the cold freezing sky.

Next part of the journey was to return back to the city to continue engineering but coming back was fun with little booze in the nerve and hundreds of memories on the soul


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