Friendship between a cow and pole

Published on May 17, 2020 | Bikesh Bade | 654 Views

It's proven that friendship is not made. From the ancient history, there has always been a bond between humans and animals. But this is a strange story of the cow and pole. Who can define the bond between cow and pole, have you ever wonder?


Once the rope defines radius between cow and pole, friendship is written. The cow tries to run far from pole. But when the rain pours cow holds the pole. Friendship is hard at the beginning but as time pass bond gets strong. Is it the fate of cow or the life purpose of the pole that they are together the whole day. It doesn't matter it's summer or winter and doesn't care its raining or cold morning they are bound to be together. Days are hard still they manage to hold on to each other. Even if one wants to be alone, one is always waiting.


It's impossible to know what both think but there's nothing they can do, only hold on to the each other all day long. The cow must be cursing the pole, but the pole is always silent. It doesn't matter owner leaves cow alone there's the pole to seat beside the whole time. There's a time when things go wrong and people mocks the cow but there's the pole that console and take all the blame.


Silent is the part of communication and sun rising is a time of togetherness and setting is a time of leaving. Hard to let pass the season change and watching the endless nature. Even there's something wrong they manage to hold hands to stand up even how hard the situation gets. With time, they become the partner but its time to say goodbye when autumn sweeps away the greenery and cow runs for food. Friendship turns a long-distance relationship but when the spring brings life near the pole. Friendship always comes back, it doesn't matter the differences...


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