Being drunk

Published on Nov 06, 2022 | Bikesh Bade | 222 Views

Yeah, it feels awesome. All the high school science classes come to real; Earth does rotate, gravity is damn strong, just discover the theory behind the snake road.


Every blood in the vein is so hot that even the hulk looks like a kid. It doesn’t matter what’s wrong and right all I say is right. The brain is flying so extremely that even superman can’t beat it, and the heart is racing so fast even the flash can’t match. It doesn’t change anything if I close my eyes or not, darkness is inside the sight. And am out of touch and out of contact and am out of look, waiting for a reboot.


Where ever it going, am goanna chase it, I might not know how I might not know why I might not know where but it’s beautiful tonight. Let’s live tonight like fireflies and light the sky. What’s left of this moment, am not going to waste it, am goanna dance till it is over. Look at me now I can’t even stand still, I can’t even talk. All I want was to be somebody to someone. Ain't it fun living in the real world, ain't it good being all alone? Hand in the air but I don’t care coz am not ready to go home. I can’t stop, I need to do all the crazy stuff. I run the things now not the things run me so I like to be drunk. This is my life and I own my life. I took nothing from anybody so it was my time and can’t you see, who owns the night. In the meantime, I mess up everything, am sorry for everything anything I’ve done. If you believe that everything is alright, you won’t be alone tonight. Please understand I just drank a little, I don’t want to think about it, all I want is to forget all and live for once.


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