Settlement Encroaching

Published on Jul 07, 2019 | Bikesh bade

Settlement Encroaching - Destruction of Agricultural land ( present condition of Manohara bank)

On a humid Wednesday afternoon in early July, watching the sky and looking down to the earth something doesn't right. Sun hiding behind the clouds, clouds fighting, the view is marvelous up in the sky but it doesn't feel the same looking down to the land. Once the hills and green, now crowed settlement. Once trees used rule the place but now the crafted stones and bricks are kings. Fresh air is chased away and welcomes the new charming foggy dusty air.


Is development a destruction?

If the planning is not proper the settlement becomes unhealthy; the sanitation and water supply fail to meet the needs of people and health aspects of the locality will be ruined.  And why are you so eager to destruct the beautiful land, forest to build unplanned settlement which makes you suffer.



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